Mousebusters looks adorable and wild

Mousebusters looks adorable and wild

Odencat’s upcoming indie game mixes cozy with creepy

Odencat continues to be an innovative indie developer that drops important themes about mental health and life into their games. We’ve enjoyed many of their projects thus far, as they often make us openly weep, and their latest might be right up that same alley.

In the first trailer for the upcoming Mousebusters, we find a protagonist who’s been turned into a mouse. Weird! Their friends and family react differently to them now (obviously) and to find out why this happened the now furry little dude needs to bust some ghosts because, well, why not?

But then things get REALLY WEIRD. This is an Odencat game, and not all is as it seems, and we can’t wait to find out.

The trailer reveals the developer’s penchant for lovely pixel graphics and visual design, and the ethereal soundtrack that accompanies it, alongside some gameplay in which the mouse shoots at ghosts with a special zapper.

Look for Mousebusters later this year on Steam and Nintendo Switch.