The latest trailer for Neva is wonderful

The latest trailer for Neva is wonderful

Stunning art combines with a story about companionship and loss

I was enamored by Nomada Studio’s last game GRIS when it released half a decade ago. It was one of the most memorable, artistic gaming experiences that I had ever come across. I noted, often, about how much the game left an impression on me, to the point where I had included it in my favorites of the year.

Nomada’s follow up, NEVA, is nearly ready with a launch later this year. The developer recently released a new trailer showcasing some of the project’s gameplay, and — whew — it’s looking BEAUTIFUL.

The game follows Alba as she comes across and befriends a young wolf cub. Over their journey together the magical cub will grow and lend a hand during her platforming adventure as she tries to save herself and the dying world. Neva is the kind of project that could leave me, a graphic design nut, salivating with its use of minimal UX and emphasis on vector-based visuals to create depth, motion, and emotion.

Look for it later this year on Switch, Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation.