OPP: Slightly Burned Pants podcast

OPP: Slightly Burned Pants podcast

slightly burned pants podcast

Did you know that there are OTHER podcasts on iTunes besides those that your masterful crew at SideQuesting creates? Yeah, it came as a shock to us as well. That’s why we launched OPP (two years ago) in hopes to share some of these shows with you, especially the good ones.

Today we look at the Slightly Burned Pants podcast, created by friend to SideQuesting, T Michael Murdock and his brethren comedians Michael Sullivan and Dwight Slappe.

What’s it about?

SBP is a comedy-based podcast, and after a quick introduction, the show becomes one giant tangent. The trio touches off on just about every subject, from superhero powers to entertainment to politics, with a completely different spin on what is most important about each. And, much like a good Simpsons episode from the late-90s, the tangents that the group carry into manage to weave back in and out throughout the show.

It’s also self-referential, as the group regularly thrives in the fact that they’re recording a show together for the Internet to laugh with… or at. The humor is adult-oriented (lots of swearing & references) but the gents are very well-spoken and easy to listen to.

What’s the audio quality like?

The guys are sitting around a table together, so it’s a little noticeable when someone is sitting closer to — or father from — the mic when speaking. However, this makes the pauses shorter, as the dudes can see each other and have quicker reactions.

In Conclusion…

SBP is kind of like overhearing a raucous group of guys talk over each other at the table next to us at dinner in a bar. I’m intrigued to know what they’re talking about — especially about Mormons who “soak” during intimacy — so I’m leaning in. Often. I wish I was at their table.

Check them out at Slightly Burned Pants and on iTunes.