Kickstart This: The Wardenclyffe Horror graphic novel

Kickstart This: The Wardenclyffe Horror graphic novel

Disclosure: I liked this Kickstarter so much I funded it. :)

Nikola Tesla is one of my all-time favorite mad scientists. I’ve seen The Prestige several times now, enough to want to build crazy things and try my hand at time travel. So when I read about this really sweet graphic novel that revolves around Tesla, Mark Twain, and fringe science, I was completely intrigued.

I’ve been big into graphic novels over the last couple of years, and Kickstarter has all of my moneys,and when the does doth meet then I can be known to make it kick-rain. The Wardenclyffe Horror is latest project from newcomer Caffeine Forge, and is set in 1908 New York. Starring Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla, and written into a huge 92-pages, the book is a sort of retro sci-fi horror story.

Kickstarter graphic novel
Tesla and Twain

The few teaser pages that are up show a very distinct black & white near-noir graphic style; the creators mention great books like Alan Moore’s From Hell and Jhonen Vasquez’s Johnny the Homicidal Maniac as key influences.

There are some pretty good funding rewards, too, including different variations of the book bindings, digital copies, limited art prints, and even guest articles written by the creators on your blog.

Take a gander at the book, and help support indie comics.

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