Yaga takes on Slavic lore with latest trailer

Yaga takes on Slavic lore with latest trailer

Baba Yaga isn’t just a witch, she’s a TERRIFYING WITCH

Having family from Eastern Europe, I grew up with a lot of old Slavic folklore, handed down from generations of migration and storytelling, shifting, and changing of traditions. Let me tell you one thing about the legends: they’re absolutely terrifying.

When a game aims to take on the genre, I’m genuinely intrigued.

Yaga tells the tale of Ivan, a one-armed blacksmith, as he takes on missions to appease the Czar (Tsar for those who read a lot of Russian lit). These missions often include battling beasts and demons from the Slavic underworld, inspired by the folk tales, as a mysterious witch watches him.

Being one-armed is might be a disadvantage in a situation like this, but thankfully being a blacksmith can lead to some advantages of their own. An action RPG at heart, Yaga allows for upgrades and lite crafting as Ivan makes and improves weapons to accomplish his tasks and beat down the numerous enemies. How players experience the game changes through Ivan’s actions, and can lead to a variety of possible endings.

Yaga launches in November for Epic Games Store, Switch, PS4, Apple Arcade, and Xbox One.