Black Future ’88 arrives November 21

Black Future ’88 arrives November 21

The future is now (or soon, rather)

We fell in love with the neat premise behind Black Future ’88 when we first saw it at PAX East nearly two years ago. The game, which sets an 18-minute limit to make your way to the top of a tower before you die, forces quick decisions and even quicker actions, as the tower comes alive and changes around you.

The game uses a combination of neon and 2D pixels to zap us back into the 80s, as the setting is a retro-futiristic world in which synthpunk emphasizes the cyber and bullets (and lasers) fill in everything else.

From publisher Good Shepherd:

Set in a grim alternate history where it’s always 1988, Black Future ‘88 puts players on a non-stop dungeon-crawling ascent against homicidal robots, cutthroats, bosses and more to exact revenge on the man who destroyed the world. As one of the last remaining survivors of a nuclear cataclysm, you’ll climb a procedurally generated tower through a merciless onslaught of fire, lasers and steel.

The only way to kill your mark before your heart explodes is strategically combining dozens of unique guns, buffs and curses. Choose from several characters with a huge arsenal of weapons and powers as you shoot, slash and dash through anything standing between you and the top of the world.

Black Future ’88 hits the Switch and PC on November 21.