Valve’s Steam Game Festival returns in warmer weather

Valve’s Steam Game Festival returns in warmer weather

Summer Edition now in the works

With everything shutting down, it feels like the games industry is slowing to a creaking halt as well. Not so! At least not for the long run.

Valve has announced that it’s bringing back its Steam Game Festival, which most recently took place post-GDC to bring a few of the games to the masses via demos on its games service. The Summer Edition is aiming to take place during what would have been E3 2020, June 9 – June 14. The Festival allows fans to try out several new games that are yet to hit shelves (or digital shelves) all at one time, for free.

It’s sort of an online expo as well, as there will be live-streamed talks and play sessions added into the mix.

Fans can stay up to date and get notified when the event begins, and interested developers and publishers are asked to reach out to Valve to register.

Source: Valve