The Atari VCS finally launches this month

The Atari VCS finally launches this month

A console 40 years in the making

The Atari VCS was first announced at E3 2017, and was known as the Ataribox at the time. After years of development, it finally has a release date that should feel familiar: June 15, 2021, during E3.

The long in development device is an Ubuntu-based box, and will focus on retro styled games alongside streaming features. No cartridges are needed this time: the VCS will come with a 32GB HDD expandable with USB external drives. Nostalgic series with new entries, like Missile Command: Recharged, join indie-developed games like Guntech and Mutazione to flush out the launch line-up. Will we see big AAA releases join the fray? Likely not directly on the box, though who knows what the future of streaming will dictate.

The Atari VCS will retail in $299 and $399 flavors, depending on specs and accessories included.

Source: Atari