Nintendo reveals new Switch OLED model

Nintendo reveals new Switch OLED model

Nintendo surprise announces their pro-level Switch model, coming October

It’s Tuesday at 9AM, three weeks after E3 2021, which is perfect timing for Nintendo to surprise announce their next Switch model. The Nintendo Switch OLED version has been revealed, in all of its better screen glory.

While rumors had been flying for a couple of years now about the next Switch, going so far as to say that it would have massive changes to the hardware capable of outputting to 4K and featuring wholesale online networking improvements. That may no fully be the case, however, as the new Switch model looks like a “+” level enhancement rather than a full rebuild.

The details follow.

The new Switch’s screen is being pushed up to 7″ from its current 6.2″ OG model and 5.5″ Switch Lite model. The screen will also be OLED, a change from its LCD current variant. The overall size grows by .1″ in width, but it shouldn’t be noticeable. You may need some new storage accessories, though, as it could be a tight fit. The output doesn’t change: it’s still 720p in handheld mode and 1080p/60fps in docked mode. The rumors of a 4K enhancement utilizing DLSS have not come to pass… yet.

The console itself is getting a measly bump from 32GB of on-board storage to 64GB, which should be just enough to download a couple of bigger games before needing a separate microSD card. Hint: DL everything to the card (and get one for at least 256GB) and keep the onboard drive for save data and updates. Nintendo is also noting “enhanced audio” from updated speakers on the device, but apart from being slightly wider we don’t really know what the change will be. One really nice addition: a brand new stand for tabletop mode. Any Switch owner will note how bad the “finger” is on the current console, as the kickstand would constantly pop off or break. The new stand is full width, and will allow for more variety in angles for better viewing.

The dock is an interesting update, too. It’s been completely physically redesigned, with new rounded corners to match the Joy-cons. It still includes two USB ports on the side, but removes the one in the back that was under the cover. That covered port was generally used to plug in a USB LAN adapter, but that has now been replaced with an *actual* LAN connection. No more dropped battles in Smash Bros! (Err, that’ll probably still happen).

The new Switch will be sold in a snazzy white dock w/white joy-con version (it’s a little more off-white, if you ask us) and the traditional neon red/blue iteration with a black dock. All current Switch games are compatible, too. This isn’t a drastic change to the Switch, but should serve as a cleaner upgrade akin to the PS4 Slim and Xbox One S iterations — except that the price is a bump up to $349 from the regular Switch’s $299.

The Switch OLED model launches October 8th alongside Metroid Dread.