Xbox and Nike unveil Space Jam themed shoe and controller colorway

Xbox and Nike unveil Space Jam themed shoe and controller colorway

It’s Road Runner vs Wile E Coyote in the limited collection

Gaming fashion collaborations are nothing new, and shows related to video games are becoming a serious trend. But this collection — which mashes a few worlds together, literally — may take the cake. Xbox and Warner Bros have revealed a collaboration with Nike to promote the upcoming Space Jam: A New Legacy movie. The collab includes shoes and a controller featuring designs from the movie, and pushes the limit of what the original products once were.

The film stars Lebron James and the Toon Squad as they take on an alien team run by Don Cheadle. The collab focuses on two of the specific WB animated characters, Wile E Coyote and the Roadrunner.

First, the shoes.

Both of the shoe designs use the Lebron 18 Lows as the base. Wile E’s shoe, the left, mixes his familiar earth tones of gray and brown alongside the bright red Nike swoosh designed to look like an ACME trap (fans of the cartoons know that the coyote is always trying to catch the ‘runner). The right shoe is the Roadrunner’s, and uses bright blues and yellows of the character’s coat of feathers with the swoosh adorned to look like a cloud of smoke after the character manages to get away.

The controller has a similar design.

Using hand-drawn visuals and matching character colors, the controller is adorned with rope, bomb fuses, basketballs, and clouds of smoke to symbolize that eternal Wile R v Roadrunner struggle.

The collaboration is terrifically themed, and is sure to make collectors happy. The average fan likely will never be able to get their hands on the set as it’s launching exclusively on Nike’s SNKRS app on July 15th to a select few who manage to snag one.

Word of warning: don’t use an ACME trap to try and get one; they never work.

The Space Jam sequel lands in theaters the following day, July 16th.