Andor, Willow, and more news at Star Wars Celebration

Andor, Willow, and more news at Star Wars Celebration

And Indiana Jones, too!

Star Wars Celebration 2022 is happening this week and weekend, and the reveals have been making fans of the galaxy (and other Disney properties!) pretty excited. With trailers, teasers, and announcements galore, it’s certainly giving a lot to look forward to.

Disney & Lucasfilm gave us the first teaser trailer for Andor, the upcoming series set in between Episodes III & IV, and just before Rogue One. It seems to take a different approach to the Star Wars shows we’ve been watching thus far, in that it’s not necessarily about a singular hero but about the birth of the rebellion. The series hits Disney+ on August 31st.

Disney revealed the first full-length animated series aimed at preschoolers with Young Jedi Adventures, set to hit Disney+ & Disney Jr in 2023.

Now that Mando and Grogu have been reunited since the end of Book of Boba Fett, their adventures will continue as the Mandalorian returns with Season 3 in February 2023. Some footage was shown at the event, featuring Din Djarin and Grogu working to renew Din’s name after he took off his helmet, as well as the return of Bo-Katan, who seems to be playing a much bigger role in this season.

The company confirmed that Ahsoka is on the way in 2023 to the streaming service as well, so there will be plenty watch if you’re a fan of Star Wars.

And not to be outdone, yet another new Star Wars project was detailed. This time, it’s from Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s Jon Watts with the upcoming Skeleton Crew. It’s been rumored to focus on a sort of coming-of-age story set in the Star Wars universe, but details aren’t clear. One thing that is: it will star Jude Law in his first run on the IP.

Lucasfilm also debuted a few non-Star Wars projects, with the first teaser for Willow, coming to Disney+ on November 30th.

And, with a sort of ONE MORE THING announcement, the next Indiana Jones film will arrive next Summer, June 2023, with Harrison Ford reprising his role. No word on if Shia will be back.