The SideQuest LIVE May 27, 2022: Pre-UnE3 2022 Magic

The SideQuest LIVE May 27, 2022: Pre-UnE3 2022 Magic

We’re just a week away from gaming news madness to start pouring in. We discuss the upcoming State of Play! Xbox going back to the streaming stick drawing board, and make Un-E3 predictions!

Hosts: DaliJ.J.ZachTaylorSam
With Special Guest: No one



  • The Witness
  • No Man’s Sky
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2
  • Kaiju Wars



  • Final Fantasy VII Part 2 announced
  • Xbox will have an unannounced first party game launch for this year
  • We’re getting that Zelda collection (WW/TP)
  • Hail Mary pick: Nintendo game on Xbox/Game Pass


  • Silent Hill announced
  • Perfect Dark shown
  • Marvel vs Capcom (or some Marvel fighting game) teased
  • Hail Mary pick: We see the James Bond game


  • We’ll see one of Kojima’s projects
  • We will NOT get any major update on Breath of the Wild 2 this Summer
  • A slightly bigger Elder Scrolls VI teaser
  • Hail Mary pick: Darkstalkers game announced

SnackQuesting: Nothing this week!

Music Intro: Professor Kliq – Bust This Bust That

Music Outro: N.I.M. – Choice

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