Sony drops a teaser for the Gran Turismo movie

Sony drops a teaser for the Gran Turismo movie

Orlando Vroom.

During its CES presentation today, Sony focused heavily on its PlayStation and car stuff, and began its show with a mix of both: the first real look at the Gran Turismo movie.

The Neill Blomkamp-directed film film is a dramatization of the events that led up to a GAMER (gamer!) winning a Gran Turismo competition to become and actual driver, with some success on the real track to go along with the digital one.

The film stars Archie Madekwe as the teen racing prodigy, and also features David Harbour, Geri Halliwell, and Orlando Bloom. Gran Turismo hits theaters on August 11th, 2023.

Sony noted that it’s also planning to bring more of its IP to the big screens — projects based on God of War, Last of Us, Twisted Metal, Ghost of Tsushima, and a possible Uncharted film sequel have already been announced, so the drum beat grows louder for Knack, and only Knack. Our beautiful Knack.