Felicity’s Door hands-on preview

Felicity’s Door hands-on preview

Felicity’s Door is a dreamy music rhythm game that oozes charm

Felicity’s Door, from Area 35, is a narratively-driven rhythm game, played on the familiar musical runways of the genre. It’s the story of a brother and sister that have shared dreams when they go to bed at night, and it’s told through an almost ethereal take on music to sleep to.

The gameplay is fairly traditional, utilizing button presses or touching the screen to connect with the notes. There are different difficulty levels, ranging from incredibly easy to spectacularly difficult, that made me think twice about which control method to use (buttons on the hardest levels felt nigh impossible on the PAX East show floor where I played it, for instance).

In order to progress the siblings’ experience sets of songs need to be completed to progress the story in certain ways. It’s not so much mission-based as it is set to thematic plot points, and that’s where the musical choice seems to be pretty perfect. All the music seemed to be originals or semi-modified tracks based on things like lullabies, playing close to the theme of the song sets. And because the music is new, it makes the game feel more like a sight-reading chart, where you’re experiencing new songs rather than songs you’re familiar with.

It’s definitely a little game to keep an eye on, especially for its great music and animation. Felicity’s Door is currently planned for Nintendo Switch.

Images and video courtesy Area 35 Games.