Humble Games Showcase 2023 airing on May 18th

Humble Games Showcase 2023 airing on May 18th

The bundle company’s publishing side to showcase new projects

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While Humble is best known for their great Humble Bundle packages (it’s how I get my Corel Painter fix every year!) they’ve also jumped into publishing over the last decade, releasing hits like Unpacking, Wandersong, and A Hat in Time. They’ve been holding showcases every once in a while, too, and have now announced their next one: May 18.

Though there’s not much info, the company did give a bit of a teaser as to what may be on the way, tweeting “Flow with grace. Brew some tea. Unlock your destiny.”

When it comes to indies, Humble has done fairly well in helping to bring some intriguing games to market, so a little buzz can be warranted as the show comes up this week. It’ll go live(ish) on Thursday, May 18 at 10AM PT/1PM ET on