The Lonely Tardis: A Doctor Who Podcast Ep 07

The Lonely Tardis: A Doctor Who Podcast Ep 07

Lonely Tardis Doctor Who Podcast Episode 2

Doctor Who!

Episode 07. An eclectic group of Time Lords comes together to discuss the latest Doctor Who news.

In this Who: We’re joined again by Justin and Sydnee McElroy, our very own Rory and Amy (but way better). Steven tells us how to scare away potential mates on several occasions, including showing us his “giant TARDIS”. Shaun lays down the TRUTH about some of the plot holes and unnecessary elements of the finale. Sydnee’s theories are, much like the last time she was on the show, SPOT ON. Justin takes us on his own personal time traveling trip. And Dali isn’t as asleep at the TARDIS levers this time!

If you’d like to have Steven or Shaun play for you to win a prize on the next Lonely Tardis episode, leave a comment in this post telling us your favorite moment from the season finale. We’ll randomly choose two entries from those who qualify, and announce the prize and winner on the show.

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Dali Dimovski, Shaun Norton, Steven Strom, Justin McElroy, Sydnee McElroy


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