Microsoft closing streaming service Mixer

Microsoft closing streaming service Mixer

Transitioning users to Facebook Gaming

In a move that has sent ripples through the gaming industry, Microsoft has announced that it is closing down its streaming service Mixer. The service, which was a rival to Twitch and YouTube Gaming, was purchased by Microsoft as “Beam” before being renamed Mixer.

Microsoft cites that the infrastructure and expansion outpaced the vision for the service, and the product could no longer be delivered as intended. And with a new console on the way this year, it felt like the right time. Microsoft is thereby partnering with Facebook Gaming as its key streaming platform, partnering with the company to transition over the users and subscribers.

This bodes well for heavy-hitter streamers like Ninja, who cashed in on huge contracts just over the last year to move to the service and are now able to go anywhere they’d like. But, it also absolutely sucks for the smaller streamers who used the service as their primary outreach to fans or even as a source of income. For all of its faults, Mixer was a surprisingly solid product, providing a strong set of features and a better UX over its competitors.

The service will shut down on July 22.

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