Saturday Morning Cartoons: Sonic Colors Rise of the Wisps

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Sonic Colors Rise of the Wisps

Sonic is back in cartoons in the leadup to the new game

Sonic Colors Ultimate is on the way next month, bringing one of the best modern Sonic the Hedgehog games to new platforms, but there’s more Sonic to keep us occupied until then.

SEGA has been debuting a special short series on YouTube, Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps, to get fans hyped up while they wait. The two-part series dives into a little of the backstory of the game, while at the same time break the 4th wall a few times. The video above combines both of the episodes into one 11+ minute clip.

“Something is rotten in Sweet Mountain! Dr. Eggman and his robot henchmen are devilishly up to no good. After narrowly escaping one of Eggman’s facilities, a lone Jade Wisp searches for help and comes across Sonic and Tails. Will Eggman and his robots be served their just desserts?”

Sonic Colors Ultimate rises on September 7th.

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