Underdeveloped Characters 24hr. Charity Gaming Marathon

[SideQuesting’s Alex Rubens and our friends at Underdeveloped Characters are hosting a special gaming marathon.  We want to help, and we hope you do too.  Read on for more information on this great event that benefits the Children’s Miracle Network and the Red Cross, and please share the links with as many people as possible that might be interested.]

Here’s the deal. We all love video games, that’s something that we have in common. Something else that we have in common is that we realize that children in hospitals and people in Japan are in dire need of help. We at Underdeveloped Characters have decided that we want to be a part of the solution, so starting on Friday April 29th at 6PM, we will be hosting a 24hr. charity gaming marathon. We won’t stop playing until 6PM on Saturday April 30th. As of right now, both Alex and Jay will be live streaming their gameplay as well as a combine commentary throughout the duration of the event. We want to help support two different causes: the Children’s Miracle Network and the Red Cross in it’s aid for Japan. We want to give you the option of who you donate to so it is up to you to tell us.

“The reason that the Children’s Miracle Network is very personal to me is that when I was little, I almost died due to the problem with my body not producing any white blood cells. I was at Children’s Hospital in Seattle for a few weeks before they found a match and gave me a bone marrow transfusion. Without them, I probably wouldn’t be here.” – Alex Rubens, co-host of Underdeveloped Characters

The thing is, there are kids in these hospitals that don’t have the same luxuries that we do. They aren’t able to run around and have fun. They might have a disease to where they won’t be around much longer but they can’t leave the hospital and they want to spend the time that they have left playing games with friends and family. This can help them have that moment.

So please, when it comes time for us to have our 24hr. Charity Gaming Marathon, think about the children and Japan.

Who: Underdeveloped Characters (Alex and Jay)!
What: 24hr. Charity Gaming Marathon!
Where: Why the INTERNET silly!
When: April 29th 8PM to April 30th 8PM
We’ll be playing a variety of games and will even have some to give away. When I say some, I mean A LOT. Seriously.
Join us in helping kids in need and Japan!




While we haven’t announced all of the prizes yet, here is a list of our current sponsors! I’ll let you in on a little secret, the prizes are REALLY GOOD.

  • Harmonix
  • Valve
  • Square Enix
  • Konami
  • Signal Studios
  • Codemasters
  • PopCap Games
  • Uber Entertainment
  • Klei Entertainment
  • Twisted Pixel Games
  • Sega


We’re getting closer and closer to the start date! That means that we have to start coming up with what games we are going to play.
So far, our list consists of:

  • Portal 2 (co-op)
  • Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood (multiplayer)
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Gears of War
  • Rock Band
  • Def Jam Rapstar
  • Left 4 Dead 2
  • Lips
  • Battlefield 1943
  • Monday Night Combat
  • Let us know what you want to see us play!

In case you want to play along with the crew as we undergo our marathon, here are our Xbox Live Gamertags and Playstation Network IDs.

Alex – XBL: Alexthegreat321
PSN: alexrubens
Twitter: @alexrubens

Jay – XBL: thegamergeek101
PSN: thegamergeek
Twitter: @thegamergeek
Thanks! Send us an invite!

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